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Colección High Line

Inspirada en las líneas y formas del maravilloso High Line Park, construido sobre la vía férrea abandonada que cruzaba Manhattan.

This collection is inspired by the lines and shapes of the wonderful High Line Park, built on an abandoned railway that once crossed Manhattan.

On a trip to New York, we fell in love with the High Line, a park built on the old elevated railway that ran along the eastern side of the city. For decades, this railway was abandoned and overgrown with vegetation.

Just when it was about to be demolished, a group of citizens and sponsors launched an initiative that succeeded in turning it into a beautiful 10-metre-high promenade from which people could observe the city from a different perspective. This was a lesson in the importance of giving things a second chance.

This collection, handmade from first-class quality recycled gold (18K), is inspired by the shapes and lines of the High Line Park and is a tribute to New York City’s ability to reinvent itself.

It is available in three hand-cut semi-precious stones: green agate, lapis lazuli, and onyx.

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