Gold Necklace with Roman Coin
  • Gold Necklace with Roman Coin
  • Gold Necklace with Roman Coin
  • Gold Necklace with Roman Coin
  • Gold Necklace with Roman Coin
  • Gold Necklace with Roman Coin

Gold Necklace with Roman Coin


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This 18K gold necklace features a silver denarius of Empress Faustina I, minted in Rome between the years 146 and 161 AD. Faustina I was a cultured and intelligent woman who was highly regarded by her husband, Emperor Antoninus Pius, and often consulted on state matters. She was a revered empress, beloved by the people for her social initiatives, such as the creation of a school for girls.

The coin depicts the profile of the empress on one side and a temple with Faustina facing forward on the other side.

In Ancient Rome, it was common for women to wear jewellery with coins as amulets. In our workshop, we have designed and handcrafted for it a 18K gold setting that protects and embellishes it, and converts it into a unique jewel, more than  1800 years after it was made. Our antiques are always genuine, never replicas, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

The gold chain is included. Length: 44cm with another ring to adjust also to 38cm. For other sizes, please contact us.

Coin diameter: 18 mm.

Possessing an antique, an object that forms part of history, produces a special sensation: we wonder who it belonged to, what the time in which the first owner lived was like, what their life was like…

The pieces of this collection, in which we handcraft the settings of the antique objects, are exclusive, as there are no two alike. In addition to its beauty and historical value, the antique as much as the gold will increase in value with time, but above all, this piece will forever form part of your personal history.

About antiquities authenticity: In order to guarantee the absolute authenticity of the antiques that we use to make these pieces of jewelry, we follow a strict protocol: learn more of our Certificated of Authenticity.