All of our pieces are made from first-class, 18K gold (marked with 750) or sterling silver (marked with 925).

Yes, you will always receive the piece of jewellery that you bought. With regard to the colours, we ask that you please bear in mind that they may be slightly different than in the photo since every monitor or screen will show them in slightly different shades.

In the case of gold jewellery, the size can be adjusted for free.

For silver jewellery, size adjustments may entail a fee. Ask us

In the case of gold rings, in order to not ruin the surprise, you can get the ring in an approximate size for the gift. Tell us what that is and we will also send you a measuring device. Once you have gifted the ring, we will pick it up, adjust the size, and send it back, all for free.

In the case of silver rings, size adjustments will have a cost of 15 euros.

Shipping is free to mainland Spain for orders over €50 and is done through Nacex. Shipments are covered by insurance and we assume responsibility should any problems arise. See Shipments and Returns for more information.

In the very unlikely event that a product arrives damaged or has a defect, you may return it within 14 days and all costs will be covered by us. If you want to return it due to a reason other than a defect or damage, you may do so as long as the piece has not been used, it is returned in perfect condition, and its security seal is intact. The cost for the return is €6 from mainland Spain. Please read our Shipments and Returns section.

The time frame is indicated on the product information page. Delivery time is between 2 and 3 days for pieces that are in stock. For pieces that need to be customised or made to order, the delivery time may vary. We will notify you of the delivery date as soon as we receive your order.

Yes, you will receive it with an excellent presentation and gift package. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to check the content of the package before presenting the gift. If sending the package directly to the person receiving the gift, let us know and we will send it closed and with a note of your choice.

Our intention is for our jewellery to last a lifetime, and that is why it is of the highest quality. Our pieces have a 2-year (24-month) warranty that covers any manufacturing defect. This does not cover wear and tear due to regular use or damage caused by improper use. A piece of jewellery should always be used with common sense and treated properly. In the case of gold-plated silver jewellery, we cannot guarantee the plating if the piece is used improperly, undergoes excessive rubbing, comes in contact with perfumes, etc.

Credit card, Paypal, bank transfer.

Yes, completely. This website uses protection and encryption technologies to prevent anyone from accessing your payment details. We do not have access to any of your card information and we do not save any of your card details.

Absolutely! In the workshop we are often creating bespoke pieces of jewellery envisioned by our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us about your idea.

The vast majority of the gold jewellery is and each piece is numbered and delivered with a certificate. In the case of silver jewellery, most are made by well-known jewellery makers like Durán or Salvatore, as indicated on each product’s information page.

Our suppliers comply with the Kimberley Process, which ensures that the diamonds do not come from areas in conflict.

Absolutely. Every coin or artefact that we use to make these pieces is unique and irreproducible. In addition, each setting is done by hand in our workshop.

They always come from the most prestigious antiquities dealers who have a spotless track record and are of recognised standing. This way, we ensure that the antiquity is genuine and does not come from looting. They are accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity. For exportation, they will be accompanied by a permit from the Ministry of Culture.

They are always hand-crafted in 18 karat gold with the maximum respect for history: we always keep the antiquity intact. We bring these treasures back to life without altering them, designing our concepts and mountings around the antiquity in such a way that it is protected. See the Certificates section for more information.