If you have jewelry that you no longer like, we offer you the possibility of recycling it and making new pieces with that gold. In addition to contributing to the environment, this represents considerable savings, since the most expensive thing in a piece of jewelry is the material, not the labor. Your gold will be rigorously weighed and then we refine it so that it remains in 18k alloy. If the piece you like is in white or rose gold, but your gold is yellow, it is not a problem, since after having fine-tuned it, we can get the color you want.

The most important thing is that you do not get rid of your gold, but rather recycle it, so that you will receive the same amount that you had given, but now converted into the jewel that you like. And this is only paying for the labor plus the stones that could be carried.

It is also a way to preserve the sentimental value of an old or damaged piece of jewelry, transformed into a current piece. Obviously, the labor will depend on the complexity of the piece and the time it takes to make it, but as a guide, a simple ring priced at 400 euros may have labor of only 130 euros.

Online customers: Contact us and we will tell you how to send us your gold with all the guarantees. We collect by insured transport at no cost.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you.