Our diamonds are ethical. This means they are always sourced from reliable and sustainable suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process, which guarantees that they are not sourced from countries in conflict.

The jewellery made using antiquities is delivered with two certificates: one from the antiquities dealer from whom the object came and one from us, which guarantees the quality of the piece. We never alter antiquities, but rather adapt our design to the historic object.

In order to guarantee the absolute authenticity of the antiquities we use to make these pieces of jewellery, we follow a strict protocol consisting of acquiring them only from well-known national and international antiquities dealers and numismatists who have a long and unblemished professional track record and who we completely trust. Because we love antiquities, ours never come from illegal excavations, uncontrolled finds, or countries in conflict.

Our main interest is that it always be possible to prove that the piece is genuine and that it was not looted.

This way, when a client buys one of our pieces, he or she knows that their investment is assured and that it will hold its value over time, because it is certified by a prestigious professional. That’s why we only buy from the best and most reliable suppliers. In London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Berlin, we only work with those we have come to know after many years of working together.

In addition, these pieces of jewellery have the state seal from “Galicia Calidade”. This is an official auditing entity that only endorses artisans who provide the required certifications and comply with highest quality requirements for their products.

The export of our pieces to other countries is always reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis by the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish Government.