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Silver pendant with antique coin
  • Silver pendant with antique coin
  • Silver pendant with antique coin
  • Silver pendant with antique coin
  • Silver pendant with antique coin
  • Silver pendant with antique coin

Silver pendant with antique coin



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Pendant with a Peruvian silver Sun of 1871 Set in an aged silver handmade mounting

Coin Diameter: 37 mm 

Silver chain not included (contact us for purchase) 

The Antiques Collection is formed by 18 K jewels hand made in our workshops and are set with genuine antiques that are always purchased from reputable coin and antique dealers. They are always issued with a certificate of authenticity

Our jewels are set with real antiques, we never use reproductions

 To own an antique, an object that is part of history, produces a special sensation: we can wonder who had owned it before, how were those times when that person lived, how were their life…..

The pieces on this collection are unique and exclusive, as each coin with the passage of time has its own identity, no two coins are the same. And as each jewel is handmade not two pieces are ever the same.

The value of these jewels will increase with time, because of their beauty and craftsmanship and because of the genuineness of the coins and materials used; it will not lose value with the passage of time

But above all, it will become part of your own history for ever

About the antiques: To be able to guarantee the authenticity of the antiquities we use in our jewels we follow a strict  protocol where we only buy from well-known national and  international dealers that have a well proven reputation  in which we have absolute trust. Nowadays you can purchase old coins and antiques on the internet, but we never use pieces obtained by this method, as we could not offer a total guarantee of their provenance. Our main aim is to be able to ascertain that a piece is genuine and it is not part of any expropriation. In this way, our client are assured when buying one of our pieces that their investment is safe and that it will keep its value in the future as it is backed by a certificate issued by a reputable dealer. That is why we only work with the best and most reliable professionals , we have got to know them throughout years of collaboration, building up a trustful partnership

In addition our jewels are backed by the seal of  “ Galicia Calidade”, an official body , that by carrying  out strict auditing, only offer their backing and award the seal to craftsmen that have demonstrated the appropriate  certification and  are required to follow a code of strictly high standards of quality and excellence.